This training is held the second Tuesday of every month at 8:00 AM PST.

Employees must join the most immediate Orientation following their hire date

Regional and Branch Managers are expected to mirror PRMG’s passion surrounding PRMG Mandatory Orientation for all Employees. Orientation is a meaningful opportunity for us to put our best foot forward in welcoming new employees to the company, sharing how important they are and introducing them to the benefits of being a PRMG employee, no matter their location. Let your new hires know how critical it is that they pay close attention to what is being shared. Remind them that we have invested an enormous amount of time and money as we’re doing to disseminate critical information that will help them be successful at PRMG and avoid difficulties down the road.

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Account Executive University

This training is held the second Tuesday at 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm and the following Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Pacific

Regional Managers and Account Executives who were hired the previous month must attend at Corporate. This is an investment PRMG make in their TPO sales staff.

Our goal is to make certain you begin your career at PRMG the proper training you deserve. You will meet each department head and walk away with information you will need to build your business and succeed as an Account Executive. Again, massive investment is made in time and resources to ensure you feel welcome and that your time is repected. The Department leaders come well prepared and will leave you with the materials necessary to collapse the typical timeframes required to become successful in this role.

Monthly National TPO Sales Call

This call is held every first Friday of the month at 10:00 AM PST.

Participants must join this call by connecting via Zoom. The link to the Zoom meeting is emailed out to staff the week of the call.

Join your Chief Lending Officer, Kevin Peranio, for a discussion that will share information about what is happening in the TPO channels, who our top Account Executive and TPO Partners are and provide other relevant information that can be used to benefit you. There will be different topics presented at each call, including various PRMG team member. This webinar is mandatory for all Account Executives, Regional Managers and Divisional Managers.

Capital Markets National Conference Call

This call is held every first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM PST.

Participants must join this call by connecting via GoToWebinar. The link to the webinar is emailed out to all required staff the week of the call.

Join PRMG’s Chief Strategy and Capital Markets Officer, Gary Malis, for a discussion on relevant Secondary issues that help you to understand how loans are priced, how secondary pricing and program decisions interact with other departments, what factors impacts pricing from servicing value to loan performance, why and when competitors may differ in pricing strategy, and many other facets within the capital market’s enterprise. This webinar is mandatory for all Regional Managers, Branch Managers, Sales Managers and Account Executives, and highly encouraged for all Loan Officers.

TPO Leadership Conference

This meeting is typically held during August.

Information will be sent out by Corporate prior to the event, confirming the actual event date.

PRMG’s TPO Leadership Conference is held each August to allow all TPO Regional Managers and Sale Managers to come together to meet corporate staff, allow for team-building, sales motivation and inspiration and to allow PRMG to show their appreciation for all that each manager contributes to PRMG.

Annual TPO Sales Rally

This meeting is held during the week after Super Bowl Sunday weekend.

Information will be sent out by Corporate prior to the event.

PRMG’s Annual TPO Sales Rally is held each year at or near the corporate office location. Team members located throughout the country who are not able to attend on site are encouraged to attend via Video Conferencing. This meeting is a time to motivate the sales team, celebrate the sales achievements of top performing team members, and announce the President’s Cabinet’s members for that year.