When it comes to company events, leadership, and sales rally’s, it has become well known that PRMG hosts some of the most inspirational and motivating venues in the mortgage industry. We always make it a point to provide state-of-the-art training, technology, and include an ensemble of highly recommended keynote speakers and thought leaders. All of which align with our unique company culture and help to inspire and drive our sales and operational teams to the next level! 


We Welcome Your Sponsorship!
As they say, it takes a village. If you’re looking to become a part of our venue, we’d love to include you! We ensure that our industry sponsors are well integrated and connected with our winning sales teams and adequately showcased throughout the entire event!

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Built by Originators for Originators ™ PRMG has created a path to pivot to more consumer facing activities and modern-lending technology along with a constantly improving path for Originators to evolve with the market and continue to deliver best in class service. Here you’ll find many of the live and virtual events, including trade shows and ongoing training we attend throughout the year. Maintaining a presence up close and personal with our retail sales team along with the realtors and customers we serve helps create engagement, especially when serving for success!


When it comes to TPO, no one understands Third Party Originators like PRMG. “Built by Originators for Originators ™” we believe it is our duty to educate, train and support our wholesale teams, including Correspondent, Non-Delegated Correspondent and the broker partners we serve every day. We Don’t Grow without TPO!


Each year, PRMG navigates the national trade show circuit. It is important that we remain relevant in the minds of our B2B customers. The national trade shows are venues of new technology and where the live action is, allowing PRMG to engage in face-to-face conversations with new broker prospects and correspondent partners. A refreshing change from the otherwise virtual environment we have grown accustomed to in recent times.