Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators 2022

April 7, 2022, BY PRMG MARKETING

The originators at PRMG are on fire! To compile this list, bankers and brokers across 49 states, were considered with 60 of PRMG’s originators earning a spot. That is double the originators honored last year!

Though there are many recognizable names on this distinguished list as they have been consistently honored as part of the Top Originator’s by the Scotsman Guide year after year, this is also a first-time honor for many of those ranked. Each one of them have put forth insurmountable effort, down to the smallest of details, making their success and growth that much more obtainable.

This edition’s winners have been broken down into three categories, Top Dollar Volume, Most Loans Closed, and Top Non-QM Volume. Congratulations to those who placed in the following categories in ranking order:

Top Dollar volume: Jordan Vreeland, Corissa Dailey, Justice Roberts, Samantha Zumwalt, Michael Mali, Korey Pisha, Ali Hedayatifar, Adam Stephens, Justin Margolis, Christopher Murray, Karyn Weger, Lori Porter, Shayna Laurel, James Young III, Mauricio Viecco, Kathleen Halbing, Ryan McDonnell, Mauricio Perez, J Scott Thompson, Rajendra Adhikari, Anthony Angelillo, Sean Werner, Paul Pisaro, Troy Williams, Joseph Post, Christopher Mcdougall, Adrian Reyes, Douglas Bateman, Fernando Chaves, Alejandro Otero, And Dominic Silvestri.

Most Loans Closed: Jordan Vreeland, Samantha Zumwalt, J Scott Thompson, Justice Roberts, Corissa Dailey, Michael Mali, Shayna Laurel, Justin Margolis, Mauricio Perez, Kathleen Halbing, Karyn Weger, Korey Pisha, Sandro Duardo, Anthony Angelillo, Rajendra Adhikari, Steven Traub, Adrian Reyes, Alejandro Otero, Alejandro Otero, Mauricio Viecco, Jeremy Pope, Vilma Hernandez, David Shallenberger, Lori Porter, Christopher Murray, James Young III, Pamela Stephens, Douglas Bateman, Sue Lemke, Richard Wuersch, Jeffrey Richard, Bhola Siwakoti, Sean Werner, Lisa Brown, Renee Glaze, Ryan McDonnell, David Gosselin, Kenyatta Lampley, Fernando Chaves, Daniel De La Torre Roffe, Diana Whittington, Bruno Ferretti, Brett Chappell, Brent Hoffman, Christopher Pettit, Carlos Tejero, Ali Hedayatifar, Joseph Post, Shannon Smith, Robert Szalay, Paul Pisaro, Eric Butz, Stephanie Adams, Jennifer Martell, Christian Pepe, Debbie Clisham, Adam Stephens, Scott Hawkinson, and Eric Hansborough.

Top Non-QM Volume: Ali Hedayatifar

Scotsman Guide’s Top Originator’s rankings is a highly anticipated list to make. This is the originators’ chance to be recognized independently for their success in the previous year. It explores the best of the best in the industry and highlights the growth of each individual.

Special recognition to the following originators who rose through the ranks from 2021 to 2022.

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Founder, Paul Rozo, and Co-Founder, Robert Holliday, had a vision when starting this company, that not only encouraged their team, but they also understand day-to-day operations, Built by Originators for Originators™. 20 years later, this has remained the driving force behind the many achievements they have had thus far.

“Congratulations to all those who were honored in the 2022 Scotsman Guide’s Top Originator ranking, keep up the fantastic work!” – Paul Rozo

To view and search the full active list: Click Here.


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