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PRMG MAXIMIZES BLEND’S Soft Credit Functionality & Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter Enhancement!


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Britt Stenstrom

 “Fannie Mae’s DU Early Assessment has been a game changer for PRMG and our clients.”

Blend recently announced that it supports Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) early assessment enhancement with a direct integration from their soft credit pull functionality. This will allow lenders to be able to leverage the benefits of soft credit functionality within Blend’s digital platform.

PRMG has been a Blend customer for more than four years and was one of the very first to pilot its soft credit solution with Automated Underwriting System (AUS) functionality back in July 2022.

Britt Stenstrom, who oversees Digital Lending at PRMG, stated in a press-release back in July of 2023 that their original goal for the ‘tri-merge’ soft pull was to be able to put our clients first by not only being able to pre-approve them to purchase a home with a complete profile, but at the same time not overwhelm them at the beginning stages of their homeownership journey.

Stenstrom indicated “the announcement of Fannie Mae’s DU Early Assessment has been a game changer for PRMG and our clients.” As the first and only digital banking platform to support the ‘tri-merge soft credit pulls’ in the mortgage pre-qualification process, Blend has helped its customers – including Paramount Residential Mortgage Group unlock significant cost savings, optimize their pre-qualification process, and ultimately provide their borrowers with a better lending experience compared to utilizing all hard inquiries.

PRMG boasts some of the best MarTech in the business. The company has established a very solid footing as one of the nation’s most innovative and fastest growing, multi-channel lenders in the mortgage space. They know the importance of technology, how it integrates with their systems and platforms, and how to leverage it for originators and business partners to deliver best in class service!

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