PRMG Secures Noteworthy Position in Newsweek’s Prestigious Excellence 1000 Index | 2024!


Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. (PRMG) has earned a distinguished spot among the top 1000 companies acknowledged by Newsweek for surpassing industry standards in financial responsibility, stakeholder ratings, and social responsibility. Newsweek’s comprehensive assessment spanned diverse sectors, and PRMG notably claimed the top 25% of the 1000 recognized companies and came in at the number two spot among companies listed within the Banking and Lending category.

The Best Practice Institute meticulously examined over half a million data points, devising a proprietary scoring system to evaluate financial performance, customer and employee satisfaction, environmental commitments, and social responsibility, culminating in creating the groundbreaking Excellence 1000 Index. Companies underwent scrutiny based on pivotal criteria, including:

  • Employee Rating: Perception of the employer by its workforce.
  • Customer Rating: Customer evaluation of products, services, and ethical practices.
  • ESG Risk Rating & Ethical Impact: Analysis of environmental, social, and governance risks, along with ethical footprint.
  • ISO Standards Adherence: Adherence to international quality and safety standards.
  • R&D Spending: Investment in innovation and future endeavors.
  • Global Compact Status: Alignment with the UN’s principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.
  • BBB Rating & Accreditation (for small companies): Recognition for smaller entities meeting Better Business Bureau standards.
  • Number of Customer Complaints: Transparency in addressing customer grievances, showcasing the commitment to rectification and improvement.

Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief at Newsweek, emphasized the significance of recognizing companies that prioritize not only profitability but also excellence in customer service, employee satisfaction, and societal impact. She remarked, “Doing good business means more than just turning a profit. In our fast-paced economy, it can be easy to lose sight of the value of companies striving to be good for customers, employees, and society.”

Expressing gratitude for this notable recognition, Paul Rozo, CEO and Founder of PRMG, commented, “PRMG is honored to be included among these top 1000 companies. We understand that company culture is an integral aspect of our operations. In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing operations and sales while upholding good business practices and ensuring the happiness and engagement of both employees and the customers they serve is paramount.” Rozo also highlighted the exceptional achievement of PRMG securing the second position out of the companies specifically listed within the Banking & Lending category in the financial industry.


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