PRMG Joins Forces with Top Western Regional Team Don Goettling & Gino Fronti formally with Finance of America!

January 12, 2023, BY PRMG MARKETING

Don Goettling & Gino Fronti

“We are committed to our team’s success, while having fun doing it!

California-based mortgage lender, PRMG (Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc.) is honored to partner with Don Goettling and Gino Fronti to help grow and expand their footprint in the Western Region. Don and Gino, both of whom were formally with Finance of America, researched twenty separate companies along with their team and traveled across the nation in search for their new permanent home. Being both discerning and unwilling to make any quick decisions, nor follow others blindly for that matter, the dynamic duo took it upon themselves to create a dossier on each company to ensure all the essentials were met including the intangibles that only a face-to-face meeting with ownership and senior leadership can reveal. In the end, it was without question that PRMG was the #1 choice for this team to successfully continue their path toward building a legacy.

After my 35 years of learning, growing, and enjoying the mortgage industry, our goal is to add value to our team, our clients, referral partners, and the industry as a whole. Gino and I are committed to our team’s success, while having fun doing it! Our legacy is literally our team members as well as creating the best resource for professionals that want to succeed with our Momentum Builder community” said, Don Goettling

The two new Western Regional Managers along with their team will be overseeing several PRMG branches located throughout the southwest. “We are excited to welcome both Don and Gino to our PRMG Family. I look forward to watching them grow to becoming raving fans of PRMG and model ambassadors for their teammates- all of whom which may have easily made a less informed decision without their diligence and guidance.” – Paul Rozo, CEO PRMG

Don and Gino will report directly to PRMG SVP, Director of National Retail Production, Chris Sorensen.

PRMG is dedicated in their mission to being the best mortgage company in the business today. To join Don and Gino’s team, please contact them at: or


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