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PRMG In the News! PRMG CIO, John Ashley Speaks on Cybersecurity and Privacy

PRMG CIO, John Ashley Speaks on Cybersecurity and Privacy in Interview

September 29th, 2023, BY PRMG NATIONAL MARKETING

PRMG’s own John Ashley, Chief Information Officer, partners up with Housingwire in a featured article on cybersecurity and privacy. For those who are new to the PRMG family, John Ashley has been with PRMG since 2005.

He’s been a large part of the inundation of lending platforms, pricing engines, marketing platforms and so much more. If it has anything to do with infrastructure and security, John has had a major role in its success.

John Ashley describes his IT team as effective. Although they have the ability to build out programs from scratch, it’s efficient to buy and extend technology. They have continued to find innovative ways to amplify programs that allow the team to use various third-party products.

Technology now plays such a vital role than ever before, from drumming up new business, to looking at periodical data of quarterly progress, it has significantly impacted the mortgage industry. It has also given those in tech the chance to improve on a process that has been around for decades and now more than ever with the current climate of the housing market, the ability to create a more secure buying structure for borrowers.

The future of security and technology in the mortgage industry will only get better as artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to grow. It is without question that in order to keep up with the speed of business the lending process will get faster with more security, creating a better end-user experience.

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