For 20 years strong, PRMG has been serving our wholesale brokers and correspondent partners. Built by Originators for Originators™. we believe it is our duty to educate, train and support our Third-Party Originators and those that they serve, especially in a time of uncertainty and an ever-changing marketplace.

While honoring our legacy, we also embrace the idea that ʻprogress is not possible without changeʼ and in the spirit of adapting to change, PRMG has created a “Path to Pivot” to more consumer-facing activities and modern-lending technology. Our future commitment is to explore new frontiers of MarTech in order to provide an ever-improving path for Originators to evolve with the market and continue to deliver best in class service!

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Our Progressively Better Technology, Product, Pricing and Service, to name a few, will assist you in mastering the Art of Lending. Click here to start your approval process.

PRMG 20 Years Honoring Our Legacy Pivoting to the Future

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Lock and Submit Loans Now! Brokers can now submit a new loan file while in the process of finalizing their broker approval package with PRMG. That’s right! If you have a loan to submit but are not yet approved with PRMG, we will give your loan a head start by issuing a conditional approval while working on your full broker package. This Fast Pass Approval puts your loan immediately in process and helps avoids unnecessary delays!