PRMG Welcomes Carlos Alvarez as their Real Estate Partner!


PRMG is eager to introduce their new Real Estate Partnership Program which combines the talents of a real estate owner, or top team, with PRMG’s ability to close loans others cannot. This new program will combine support and technology wrapped in a highly compliant partnership model that doesn’t require licensing for the Broker/Owner or Top Real Estate Team.  This is a tectonic shift in how business will be done moving forward, all the while giving the future buyer/borrower the absolute best in a client experience.

With his 15 years of Real Estate Broker Experience, Carlos Alvarez will be a pivotal part of this new partnership. He has sponsored several brokers with over 200 real estate agents and 30+ real estate companies. And even more impressive, he’s also ranked within the top 1% in volume.

“I am excited to take on the position of Real Estate Broker as a Non-Licensed Branch Manager with PRMG. My objective is to establish this role as the benchmark within the industry. With my expertise and background, I am confident that I will thrive in this position and make significant contributions to the growth of the real estate sector. I am eager to collaborate with the team to achieve our shared objectives.” – Carlos Alvarez

Carlos will also be bringing an experienced team along with him in this new partnership. This is a first for PRMG as well as PRMG Baton Rouge, La, Branch Manager, Kate Robins, she says “​I am thrilled with our first Real Estate Partnership with Carlos.  Carlos is a highly respected Leader in the Louisiana market. I am confident that the Real Estate Partnership between PRMG and Carlos will yield a tremendous positive impact in Louisiana, empowering thousands of families to achieve the American Dream.”

Kate Robins

PRMG Branch Manager

Carlos Alvarez

Real Estate Partner

Baron O’Brien, PRMG National Business Development Manager, sees a tremendous opportunity to tap into new markets with this partnership. He speaks very highly of Carlos Alvarez, “he is a proven Real Estate Professional and will be a great Partner with PRMG.  Together we will provide homeownership to many in the local community, surrounding areas and anywhere in the USA.”

Carlos Alvarez will have the full support of PRMG SVP, Director of National Retail Production, Chris Sorensen.

For more information about this new Real Estate Partnership Program, email Carlos Alvarez: or Kate Robins:


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