PRMG proudly debuts their 2023 national advertising campaign “WE’RE ALL IN” on the cover of the prestigious Scotsman Guide!

December 15, 2022, BY PRMG MARKETING


For over two decades, PRMG has been committed to serving our wholesale brokers and correspondent partners. We believe it’s our duty to educate, train, and support our third-party originators and those they serve, especially in a time of market compression, uncertainty, and an ever-changing mortgage landscape. We Are Committed!


PRMG remains a privately held mortgage banker. We are not a hedge fund, nor are we beholden to public entities or influences outside our customers. Remaining nimble and flexible, along with a tenured company culture earned over time, has been a pillar of strength, allowing PRMG to adapt, endure, and grow during the most difficult times in the mortgage industry. We Are Strong!


In alignment with our company culture, PRMG boasts some of the best MarTech in the business. We know the importance of technology, how it integrates with our systems and platforms, and how to leverage it for our business partners. We can overcome nearly any hurdle that stands in our way of progress while remaining committed, dedicated, and stronger than ever to continue delivering best-in-class service!

We strive together!

It is without question that many lenders have chosen to downsize their sales and operations significantly, some by up to 70% or more, while others have literally closed their doors as a direct result of low performance and reduced production volume due to market and economic conditions. PRMG being privately held has many advantages, including the latitude to invest in our people and technology during the most difficult of times in the mortgage industry. Our current mindset is to continually look for unique opportunities and leverage this market upheaval to help grow market share for the customers we serve. Paul Rozo, Founder and CEO, PRMG



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