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Empowering Homebuyers: The Sims Financial Group & PRMG’s Affinity Program Unveiled

Step into a world of endless possibilities on your journey to becoming a homeowner, all thanks to the revolutionary Affinity Program by PRMG Corp in partnership with The Sims Financial Group. Discover unmatched advantages, including a remarkable 30% Realtor Commission Credit that directly reduces your closing costs. This exclusive offer is available only when you choose to work with a PRMG Preferred Realtor. Picture this: a $700k home purchase translates to a significant $4,200 credit in your favor. And that’s just the beginning! Enjoy a lender credit that covers appraisal expenses, accompanied by a personalized credit analysis to boost your scores. With upfront underwriting approval, you’ll be on par with cash buyers, giving you a competitive edge. Celebrate your new home purchase with a housewarming party complete with a list of your friends, family, and neighbors. We’ll cover the cost of invites, RSVP’s, food and any giveaways. Additionally, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to client appreciation events. Your journey towards savings also makes a positive impact on your community by supporting local charities. Embrace a new era of homeownership with The Sims Financial Group’s via the PRMG Affinity Program, where your dreams find their perfect home.

The Sims Financial Group, Inc. uses a defined financial analysis process, setting expectations, identifying needs, refining goals, and implementing strategies.

Membership Benefits

PRMG Realtor Closing Cost Credit
30% Realtor Commission Credit towards closing costs when using a PRMG Preferred Realtor. For instance, if a home costs $700k and the Realtor receives a 2% commission ($14,000), then you'd receive a $4,200 credit ($14,000 x 30% = $4,200) for closing costs.
Lender Appraisal Credit
The cost of an appraisal, which is an evaluation of a property's value, can vary but is typically between $525 and $1500. This credit helps make the appraisal process more financially accessible for the borrower.
Free Credit Analysis
Receive a complimentary credit analysis aimed at boosting your credit scores. Our service involves a thorough examination of your credit profile, identifying areas for improvement that can greatly improve your chances for loan approval. 
Competitive Pricing
Access cost-effective solutions with our competitive pricing. We prioritize providing you with value without compromising on quality. Our pricing structure is designed to align with your budget while ensuring top-notch products/services.
Website Creation
Experience the convenience of a tailored platform that breaks down approved loan programs and their total cost, all in one place. Our expert team ensures that you have a clear and concise overview of the various loan options.
Upfront Underwriting Approval
Gain a competitive edge with our upfront underwriting approval, designed to level the playing field against cash offers. Secure a head start in the homebuying process by demonstrating your financial readiness.