Welcome to PRMG Wholesale
Welcome to Paramount Residential Mortgage Group’s (PRMG) Wholesale division. PRMG Wholesale was established “by originators for originators” in 2001. The foundation of the Wholesale platform was established to attract high quality professional Account Executives and Broker partners, by offering a consistent customer oriented experience on every loan. Our technology platform “FastTrac” was developed from an originators point of view and we believe it is one of, if not the most comprehensive and user friendly loan origination systems in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing state of the art technology to our sales staff and our customers. FastTrac is an all in one web based solution, which means live status 24/7. We provide daily interactive email campaigns that include rate sheets, product information, links to our technology platform and much more. PRMG offers business analytical tools from the use of our proprietary system “PRMG IQ”, that help our Account Executives manage their customers pipelines, lock data, submission data, doc data and just about anything else important to healthy pipeline management for our customers.
Today's Environment
We believe in today’s environment that it is our duty as a Wholesale division to educate, train and support our broker community. PRMG is not out in the market place creating fear and panic to our broker customers by offering net branching or anything that would create a sense of uncertainty in today’s uncertain marketplace. PRMG Wholesale is here to stay and we believe through education and training we can help our broker partners obtain even greater success today than that of yesterday by utilizing our powerful tools and working with the best Account Executives in the business.
Building Relationships
PRMG has established extremely strong relations with our Wall Street partners and is considered top notch in that regard. In addition to our Wall Street partners our lending capacity is virtually untapped based on PRMG’S commitment to maintaining a strong net worth and the delivery of high quality performing loans to our partners. It is our goal and anticipation to become the largest privately held mortgage banking firm in the Nation in the next five years.